Financial overview

The RvA is a private foundation. We have no profit objective on the basis of our Articles of Association and pursuant to the European Regulation 765/2008.

Our independence is guaranteed via the Dutch National Accreditation Body Appointment Act and by a sound governance structure with a Board of Supervisors, an Accreditation Committee, an Objections Committee, an Impartiality Consultation and a User Council.

We also ensure our independence via a healthy capital position. This means that we are resilient against financial risks which might arise, for instance if clients decide to terminate the accreditation. This also allows us to cope with unforeseen circumstances, such as the consequences of the Covid pandemic.

Annual accounts

The figures below have been taken as a summary from the adopted annual accounts for 2023. You can download the full annual accounts via our website or request them from the RvA via

The annual accounts have been compiled with due observance of the Autonomous Administrative Authorities Framework Act. The Guideline for Annual Reporting 640 ‘Not-for-profit organisations’ (Richtlijn voor de jaarverslaggeving 640) has been used since 2018.


As at 31 December 2023, the buffer capital (equity capital -/- designated fund) is 3,324,341 euros. On balance, the buffer capital has decreased by 38,819 euros. At year-end 2022, the buffer capital was 3,363,160 euros.

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