They keep us focussed

We are critical of our own work in order to be able to improve. That is why we are having discussions with representatives of our clients and stakeholders.

An involved User Council

In 2023, the RvA had two consultations with the representatives of our clients on the User Council. In the User Council, the connection has been strengthened by more in-depth discussions. We talk to them about key performance indicators, for example for processing times, and exchange experiences and knowledge about developments in the market.

The User Council considers efficiency important and questions the RvA in a constructively critical manner regarding this. Topics such as an assessment programme, the labour market, the application of non-harmonised standards, sustainability, information security and meetings are also discussed in the consultation. The announced extension applications pilot has also been a subject of discussion in the User Council. Furthermore, the RvA informs the User Council about the implementation of digitalisation and performance.

The User Council has given a positive opinion on the rates in 2024.

A lively Strategic Advice Forum with the theme of sustainability

In October 2023, the RvA was able to receive stakeholders to discuss the topic of sustainability. Representatives from the lab world, the business community, the government and scheme owners were present.

In the session, there were discussions about the possibilities that we all have, including as a quality infrastructure, to contribute to a more sustainable world. Much was heard about the importance of standards development in the field of sustainability and the possibility of including sustainability questions in the assessment method. What is remarkable is the large number of schemes in which sustainability aspects come to the fore, which are used by the RvA in the context of accreditation.

The output of the Strategic Advice Forum on Sustainability will be used in 2024 to develop the sustainability policy. To reduce our own footprint, we are focusing on forms of sustainable travel, printing less and separating waste in the office.

“Together with our stakeholders, we are always looking for ways to improve”

Impartiality Consultation

It is important that the RvA is impartial in its actions. The involvement of stakeholders in the process for ensuring impartiality is in line with the standard that the RvA must comply with, ISO/IEC 17011.

Under the leadership of the Vice-Chair of the RvA’s Board of Supervisors, the eight participants of the Impartiality Consultation, who are representatives of the RvA’s stakeholders, discussed a risk analysis drawn up by the management about the impartiality of the RvA.

The formation of and the methodology behind the risk analysis was tested in advance by an independent external auditor.

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