Through the eye of the board

From the Board of Supervisors

Yvonne van Rooy

2023 was a turbulent year. With conflicts and crises, nationally and internationally, and that has direct effects on economic players. Against this background of uncertainties, a robust and future-oriented quality system is of crucial importance. The RvA has made a valuable contribution to this, for example in the field of digitalisation and sustainability. At the same time, it is important that the day-to-day work for our clients keeps contributing to confidence in products and services in our society.

Sustainable and digital transformation is a complex process. It is important to be meticulous in this regard. The RvA does this with small steps and in good dialogue with stakeholders such as employees, clients and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The Board of Supervisors is informed in each meeting about the progress of the change processes that have been deployed and acts as a critical sounding board. We warmly welcome the reappointment of both directors on 22 June 2023 for a term of four years. There is also a great deal of appreciation for the open and constructive discussions that we were able to have with the newly formed Works Council of the RvA in 2023. The Board of Supervisors looks forward to 2024 with confidence.

Yvonne van Rooy
Chair of the Board of Supervisors

From the Executive Board

Roeland Nieuweboer and Joep de Haas

The ongoing war in Ukraine, the attacks in Israel and the retaliatory actions in Gaza; 2023 was a year of major news stories. The year in which the population of India is larger than that of China. The run-up to the presidential elections in the USA. The coronation of Charles III in the United Kingdom. The Dutch cabinet also fell. The results of the subsequent elections turn out to be a considerable challenge for the formation of a new cabinet. There was also smaller news and inconvenience, such as the badgers that stopped train traffic in the Netherlands.

Uncertainties then seem to become a constant. A fact that we must learn to live with in this country of – still – great prosperity. The question is to what extent we are prepared to adapt to risks.

Ultimately, 2023 was a good year for the RvA, because it was a year in which we achieved a lot with all our colleagues. Together we have worked hard to serve our clients and improve various work processes. By doing so, we contributed to the targeted realisation of our strategic objectives. As a (non-profit) foundation, the financial outcome is a slightly negative result. 2023 was also a year in which it became clear that a certain amount of staff throughflow is a given fact. The Executive Board thanks the HR team for the incisive recruitment of new colleagues and all colleagues for their extra efforts, assisting where necessary and training new colleagues.

Roeland Nieuweboer
Joep de Haas
The Executive Board

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