The strategic update

In 2023, an interim evaluation of the Strategic plan 2021-2025 took place with the Board of Supervisors.

The Executive Board and Board of Supervisors concluded that the existing strategy is more than sufficiently robust as a basis to build upon. There are certainly points of attention, such as information security and the adaptation of digitalisation by employees.

International developments

There is also a shared awareness that it is important to actively monitor developments from the European Commission. This is necessary because there is a large number of areas in which legislation is being developed. For example, the Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act and the Artificial Intelligence Act. There are also topics that the European Commission is working on in other areas, such as secure parking in parking garages.

In order to operate more efficiently and effectively, cooperation with other foreign accreditation institutions may be sought. For example, to monitor developments, to find possible starting points for accreditation and affairs where the use of accreditation is considered at an early stage.

This is what we do and what we stand for

At the RvA, we act consciously based on our mission and vision. The mission, vision and strategic plan are regularly discussed with colleagues, the MT and the Executive Board. With new colleagues, explicit attention is paid to the significance of the RvA’s work for society and in economic trade.

Our mission, vision and strategy

Citizens and organizations would like to be able to rely on the quality of products and services. With accreditation, we enrich that trust.

Every day, we assess the competent, consistent and impartial business activities of companies and institutions. These companies and institutions test, inspect and certify. They have a crucial role in the quality of products and services.

We conduct our work in a skilled professional, transparent and unbiased way. With an accreditation statement, we confirm our confidence. This contributes to a sustainable and well-functioning international society with open trade and room for innovation.


At the RvA, the main points of the organisational strategy are:

  • We want to be relevant and future-proof by working in a more market-oriented and client-focused way and with new value propositions. We want to help clients learn, and we are working on offering better services and shorter processing times.
  • For this, we need competent people and Powerful Teams. We invest in this.
  • Communication is extremely important. It opens doors to (new) networks and increases awareness of accreditation.
  • We are aware of the importance of information security in the context of the interests of our clients and our reputation.
  • We are working with public regulatory bodies and policy departments, with the intention of a strong supervisory system and strengthening the quality infrastructure.

“With accreditation, we enhance the confidence in the quality of products and services”

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